Why Should Snowboarders Wear Pads

Snowboarding Pads

Snowboarders may wear hip pads for protection against falls and impacts, because as riders know, you're going being going fast and engaging in various maneuvers. Such speeds and maneuvers can lead to falls that may result in injuries that you don't want to slow you down, especially to sensitive areas like the hips. Our YouFORM Hip Pads provide extra cushioning and impact absorption, reducing the risk of bruises, fractures, or other injuries to the hip area.

Snowboarding and Falls

When a snowboarder loses balance or control, they might land on their butt during a fall. This is why wearing protective gear, like the YouFORM Tail Pad, may be beneficial, as it helps to cushion the impact and reduce the risk of injury, especially to the sensitive tailbone area. Or, checkout the YouFORM Ankle Guard that may protect your shin and ankle while performing tricks or riding in rough terrain. 

YouFORM Pads Makes Snowboarding PPE

YouFORM heat moldable impact pads are designed for athletes in extreme sports as they provide max protection, comfort, and freedom of movement without sacrificing style. If you're tired of wearing a onesie to protect your hips, lower back, pelvis bone, and so on, it's probably time to try our heat moldable hip pads that conform to your unique body shape. Specifically, YouFORM focuses on board sports where we tend to fall on the same side of our body pretty frequently. Other extreme sports include skateboarding, longboarding, snowboarding, skiing, onewheel, electric unicycle, mountain boarding, snow skiing, sandblasting, etc.

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