Pads You Will Actually Want to Wear

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What makes our pad so special?

Convenient, Comfortable, and Protective

CONVENIENT - Our Hip Pad can be put on in seconds. It simply slides inside the pants and clips onto the waistband. Compare this to padded shorts...

COMFORT - Medical grade orthopedic foam wrapped around a thin layer of kydex plastic keeps our pad thin and comfortable. The kydex middle allows this pad to be heat molded to your shape for a perfect fit. At under 3/8" thick, the pad is virtually unnoticeable, and you'll likely forget you're wearing it. The plastic clips that fasten to the waistband are custom-made for the lowest profile possible.

PROTECTIVE - The YouFORM hip pad is universal in size and features medical grade orthopedic foam. It's designed to cover the outermost portion of the femur below the waist. This area sustains the most damage from falling on your side. Athletes are most likely to wear what's comfortable & easy to use. Stay protected more often with YouFORM.