Derek Wilson - Founder

Title: Head Ass Coverer
Ride: Onewheel GT
Experience: 15k+ miles 
Riding Style: Trails, Jumps, Speed

Bio: Derek is an ambitious, innovative, & scrappy go getter. Networking & developing new products is considered fun for him (nerd). He values integrity & community above all. His favorite thing to do is rip trails with his wife and riding partner Mel Wilson!

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Mel Wilson - The Method Marketing

Title: Marketing Manager + Business Bada$$
Ride: Onewheel GT
Experience: 5k+ miles 
Riding Style: Trails, Speed, Drops

Bio: Mel is a magnetic, charismatic & gutsy marketing pro. She manages our marketing at a high level under her own agency,, with the support of three other marketing bada$$e$. She has an innate ability to identify and implement business plans that help us #CYA! She is very passionate about animals and is ALMOST a crazy cat lady! She looks unassuming when riding until she rips past you on a trail at 20 mph! Her favorite thing to do is also riding trails with her husband, Derek!

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Nick Popa - Promotions Manager

Title: Promotions Manager + Team Rider
Ride: Onewheel GT
Experience: 3k+ miles 
Riding Style: Trails & Freestyle

Bio: Nick is a determined, passionate & intelligent stoke builder. He rides with his hair on fire and is never afraid to send it! He lives for Onewheel & the community. He's an easy dude to love because it's easy to see he's always genuine and helpful. He is also a magician which is ironic because his riding often looks supernatural!

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Jordan Alter - Corporate Counsel

Title: Corporate Counsel (Yes, even our lawyer shreds!)
Ride: Onewheel GT
Experience: 5k+ miles
Riding Style: Trails, Speed, Bonks

Jordan is the fastest attorney on onewheel! This nerd isn't a pavement cruiser! He can hang with the best of us! His legal advice & attention to detail is invaluable. He is passionate about ripping trails, helping people in need with legal issues, and hanging with his wife Jasmine. His genuine personality and quick wit is both infectious and rare for a lawyer! Haha. Jordan was also the first rider to take a fall wearing our hip pad prototype on a chunk trail covered in leaves! He called and said he didn't feel a thing which added fuel to bring YouFORM to the world!

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Justin Whippo - Production Manager

Title: Production Manager
Ride: Onewheel GT 
Riding Style: Floaty Trails

Bio: Justin is a kind and free-spirited rider that enjoys riding with his buddies and living his life to the fullest.

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