Trail Advocacy Collective

  • The Trail Advocacy Collective (TAC) is a group of private organizations and individuals with a shared passion for trail building and advocacy. TAC members commit a percentage of annual revenue towards a fund, which helps local or regional organizations maintain and/or build their trail systems.

    How do I submit a request for funds?

    Organizations can submit for financial aid through the TAC website and/or at participating TAC organizations. Organizations will be required to submit their name, telephone number, email, city and state, trail location, and important details they believe TAC should consider when deciding annual fund allocation.

    What is the fund awarding process?

    Once a year, TAC will vote on and award the funds to one submitting organization and/or individual. The organization will be contacted and announced by or on December 31 of that year. Learn more about the Trail Advocacy Collective (TAC).

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